Say Cheese

It Puts the Paper in the Basket

Here's a silly little flash game for whomever has a case of the Mondays, sponsored by...the BBC?

And for two great things that go great together we have Indiana Jones vs. ...ummm...the Death Star.

Makes sense...

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Road to Serfdom

I like cartoons. I like freedom. One of the most important books on freedom has been posted online in cartoon form from a feature that ran in Look magazine, way back when. Oh, happy day.

The Road to Serfdom, by F.A. Hayek was written in 1944, but don't think for a minute that the ideas it esposes are dated. Hayek's arguments against central planning are as true and right today as they were then. However, even after all this time, I don't think anyone is really listening (see if you can make the connection).

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The Red Sox, my beloved Sox. They lost...again.

I can't really describe what I feel right now. Somewhere in my brain, I know that this is only a game and it's not worth getting upset over. But that part of my brain was drowned in beer and choked with smoke. I feel dead inside, except for the ulcer that I think formed during that debacle.

I honestly don't know if anything or anyone could ease this pain right now. I thought I had become totally cynical and bitter. I was wrong. I needed this experience to just take me a little further.

I think I need to become a nihilist. I think that's all that is left for me.

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My Heart Just Broke a Little

The Cubbies lost. I wish I could write something eloquent in this space about how bad I feel for the players and their fans, but nothing coherent comes to mind. The Cubs losing just plain sucks.

It's now up to the Sox, my beloved Sox, to keep the most uninteresting World Series match-up from occurring: Marlins vs. Yankees.

Go Sox! Please!

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Well, in addition to my bum shoulder, tender knee, and strained right quad muscle, I can now add a sprained right foot.

Oww. This one isn't going to go away any time soon, either. All I feel like doing right now is screaming an expletive filled tirade, which is partly inspired by my injury and partly inspired by the Red Sox. Instead of doing that, I decided to whine on my web site. So, grr.

However, the indoor soccer team I play on won its game tonight, 7 to 6, after losing its opening game this season by some ridiculous double digit margin. I scored a goal today, umm...yay.

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We have ways of making you confess...

Do you have a deep dark secret shame? Have you lied, cheated, or stolen? Do you sometmes feel like you don't want to live? Do you just not like yourself very much? Confess! has created site for posting your confessions annonymously, which is pretty darn nifty, if you ask me.

Reading through the posts, you might have the feeling that some of them are complete bullshit, but you can never be sure. It is interesting to read about what makes others guilty though and it is tempting to use other's confessions as a type of moral compass.

"Nope, I've never slept with my best friend's, not-so-hot girlfriend. I've never ejaculated into my friend's hamburger helper. I've never pissed on my brother's teddy bear. I must be a good person."

Hmm, it's a sick, sad world.

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Some of you may be familiar with Domo-Kun and this all-important public service announcement. I never knew what his story was until I saw a post about it on Metafilter today.

It turns out that he is the mascot of a Japanese satellite channel and has been featured in a series of promotional animated spots which are bizarre and cute and entirely in Japanese. You don't really need to understand what they are saying in order to enjoy them. Or you just need to be a weirdo to enjoy them...I haven't decided.

I need to find a plush Domo-Kun doll, though. Oh yes, I must.

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Beware of Idiots and Their Lawyers

Some parents in Chicago are suing to shut down the Oak Park Elementary school district's wireless network, citing the "serious health risks that exposure to low intensity, but high radio frequency radiation poses to human beings, particularly children."

I don't even know where to begin. The precautionary principle (ie. something could be harmful and although we have no evidence, we better not do it just to be safe) is so tempting, especially when you have children involved. However, I can't help but wonder if they coordinated the lawsuit using their cell phones. And with all the work it takes to get a lawsuit underway, I wonder if they had to heat up leftovers in the microwave instead of cooking up a meal on the stove. Maybe they typed up statements on their computers viewing them on a CRT monitor.

Yeah, better watch out for the wireless network radiation.

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I didn't want to know

I had a soccer game tonight. I couldn't watch the Red Sox, my beloved Red Sox, as they attempted to advance in the playoffs. It was killing me. But I had Tivo. Tivo would be my savior.

I recorded the game. I wanted to sweat out every pitch. I wanted to feel my heart race. I wanted to feel my heart stop. I wanted to feel my head tumble, spin, and pound.

I had my knees pulled to my chest so I could duck my head behind them. It was agony, but I got my wish.

My friends and family wanted to ruin everything, though. They wanted to celebrate, although I didn't know it at the time. I had at least 6 voice mail messages and a text message on my cell phone. I haven't even checked my email yet. Sorry folks, but I couldn't let you ruin it. Not this. Not now.

So at 2:00 a.m., I saw my Sox, my beloved Sox win in an absolute nailbiter. I feel...well, I feel great, although my body feels like shit. But it all doesn't matter...right now, all that matters is that my Sox won.

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There ought to be a charity

Below, I rightly linked to a wonderful charity that is collecting money for breast cancer research. The organizers are calling the drive a Boobie-A-Thon. Cute, eh?

A female friend wondered why there wasn't a men's Ass-A-Thon as well. I then figured it could benefit prostate cancer research which is a very worthy cause.

Someone needs to make that happen. I might even donate in some way.

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It was my birthday, yesterday and I was luckily (well lucky for you) able to keep from posting anything about it on the actual day (go me!). I usually end up a little melancholy and this year was no exception. None of my guy friends remembered my birthday, which was kind of a bummer. I've dropped the ball before as well, but not one of them remembered. Meh. I also got used for an emotional punching bag a couple of days ago, and the bruises haven't quite healed.

However, the Red Sox won, which was about as good of a present as I could have asked for. I ended up skipping and hopping all the way up Connecticut Ave. as my friend and I journeyed back from Pizzeria Uno. Yes, I am a silly, silly, little man.

I have plenty of material to write about for more ramblings, from concerts to opeds to life, the universe and everything. But I'm a little gun-shy at the moment. I need to step back and write about something not so close to home, in order to avoid spilling my guts into the ramblings area and leaving myself open to all sorts of misinterpretation. I want to say, "Fuck it! I'll write what I want!" but I'll need to ease back into it. The patience of you five, loyal readers is appreciated.

For now, I'll just encourage you to go and give to charity with whatever you can spare.

Lastly, if you wondered what I thought of the Rush Limbaugh controversy, I'll tell you this. My first thought when I heard about the situation was "when did Rush become relevant again?" My second thought was "didn't the black quarterback controversy end with Warren Moon, Doug Williams and Randall Cunningham?" My last thought was, "why did they have Rush on a football show to begin with?" I've thought a lot more about it, but so have a million other writers. I'll leave it to them to blabber about it.

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Not Dead Yet

If I said that last night was the first time my writing has gotten me into trouble, I'd be lying. Shutting down the site, though, is not an option. I've had too much fun tinkering with the back-end and have too much planned for the future to stop now. However, I'll probably talk a little less about my social life and it will be easier on everyone involved.

I would really like to emphasize though that all work in the Ramblings section should be considered suspect, unless stated otherwise, as far as being an accurate depiction of any part of my life.

Concert reviews? Real. Memory dumps? Real. Melodramatic ramblings and experimental writing? Kind of, but not quite, real. You get the idea.

Oh, and if you are visiting the site, and you think I probably don't know you are visiting the site, it might be nice of you to send me a note. I like to know my audience. A comment system is forthcoming, but until then, feel free to email.

Now, I'll just go back to being sick.

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Well I just started

And I'm already thinking about ending this writing experiment. It's hard for me to write and not interject heavily personal subjects into the writing. It's already hurt someone I care about. I don't think I'll ever be a political blogger, so that really only leaves my life and adventures as subject matter.

It really all stems from the fact that more people are reading here than I thought would. Not just random Internet people, but work people. That creates problems. Gah! I'll have to ponder this.

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Sniffle. Cough. Sniffle

Well, my fast living has caught up to me. I'm sick. My head now sports copious amounts of mucas and a funky tasting sore throat.

And the Red Sox just lost. And I stayed up to watch it. Boy do I feel like a dumbass. I can only imagine what I'll feel like when I wake up.


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A Little Bit Different is a t-shirt store that's a little different from a lot of the other shops I've found on the Net. Users, usually with some good design sense, submit t-shirt designs to be voted on by the community. The highest rated designs are then sold.

I kind of like this one but it's mostly because of the subject matter.

So if you need to replace those aging "Big Johnson" t-shirts from high school, go take a look. And for t-shirts that are funny, try and

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