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One of these things is not like the other

Conservative writer Emily Cochran felt the need to gloat over China's censoring of Hillary Clinton's book, "Living History." Cochran wrote:

Chinese publishers have had their way with the words of Hillary Clinton. The government-owned publisher did some selective editing and omitted parts of her book "Living History" in the Chinese edition.

All of this unbeknownst to the gentlewoman from New York (via Washington via Arkansas via Illinois). So why is Miss Hillary so hopping mad? She didn't seem bothered when she was the one doing the omitting and glossing over of sensitive and significant parts of her life.

As my friend sarcastically, and succinctly, put it, "Yeah, because editing your book to put yourself in a good light is exactly the same thing as state executed censorship."

Well said.

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But, but, but...

My buddy Doug drove down from Baltimore to have a few drinks with me. He's a dork, like me in many ways. However, he's embraced his dorkness and having done thus, has transcended being a dork and is now a generally cool guy.

Well, he's been talking with me and encouraging me to transcend as well, and I feel like I have been making strides towards being a better dork. When I try to convince him of this though, I always get these dubious looks.

Tonight, my attempt to convince him of my evolution consisted of this, iron clad argument:

"But look, I'm even wearing this orange t-shirt."

Yes, I actually did say that. I was serious. It's important. Don't you laugh too. I've never really worn a bright orange t-shirt before I got this one. For the guy who tries to blend into the background, who only wears clothes that are safe and boring, the bright orange t-shirt says "look at me!"

The more amazing thing is that I like the way it looks. I feel comfortable in it. I don't feel like I need to hide in the dark.

He laughed at me, and I laughed along with him.

I am changing, evolving, and experiencing all sorts of new things. The t-shirt is proof. No, seriously it is.

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I don't want to be a blogger

Being a blogger was never the point of this page. But if it looks like a blog, reads like a blog, and quacks like a blog, well then it must be a blog.

So, I'm just going to post one significant blog plug now and hopefully never do another one.

1) Check out "Notes From A Broad (notice the pun)" which details the harrowing adventures of my favorite person living on the African continent. Rachel is an outstanding person, with a quick wit and an inspiring attitude towards her study abroad experience. I really can't sing her praises enough.

2) PJ Doland is one of the most creative and intelligent minds I've come across since moving to DC. Those qualities are reflected well on his site, as his posts, though rare, are always insightful and out to teach people something new (unlike mine).

3) Steph. I've praised her on here from when I visited Montreal over Labor Day weekend. She has a livejournal that relates the struggles of a native Californian in the frozen north. She's a cool chicka with a terrific sense of humor, so give her a look.

4) Lastly, "OberNews" is the site of a plucky co-worker of mine. She is generally one of the funnier libertarians I've met. You will chuckle when reading her site unless you wouldn't know funny if it burrowed under your skin and festered into a giant oozing colony of funny. That makes no sense at all, does it?

There are other blogs I read, like The Agitator, Gene Healy and Tom Palmer (the most intelligent man I know), but I'm not going to write up flattering descriptions for any more sites today. Just know that I like them.

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No, I don't own one

Check this out (not safe for work).

Now, you tell me, is this an amazing invention for lazy men, a sign of the decline of civilization, or an unique cup holder?

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Am I Blushing?

The positive response to my new haircut was a little more than I expected. There are three possibilities here.

1) My old haircut was really that bad.
2) My new haircut is actually good.
3) The women at work are, as a group, incredibly good liars.

One of my co-workers has prophesized that women will start throwing themselves at me. I better clean my apartment, I suppose.

Nonetheless, after 24 hours with the new style, I must say the experiment has been a success. Now, don't get me wrong, I bitched a lot today about this haircut as well. I've never used gel before, so that is a little hard for me to get used to. I also miss being able to run my hand through my hair. But, supposedly I look older and cuter now. So be it.

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It's the New Style

4 and 3 and 2 and 1, when I'm on the mic, the suckas run...

Sorry, had to break in with the Beastie Boys' lyrics.

I got my hair cut today. In my life, I have had six people cut my hair. Only two of them have cut it more than once. I've had the same haircut for 20 years. Now I have something new.

The whole experience was nerve wracking. It was pretty warm out today, but I was sweating WAY too much before my appointment. All the worry seemed to ease a bit as some nice, hispanic lady washed my hair and expertly massaged my scalp. Then a friendly, little, gay, Vietnamese man, named Andy, went to work. I pretty much told him to do what he thought would look good. It's not revolutionary, but I think it looks okay.

You can judge for yourself.

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Ramble On

I had a four day weekend! How do you like them apples?

I generally spent it finding a location in the city and just wandering around, observing, reading, exploring, and enjoying the beautiful weather that the hurricane left behind.

Excuse the lyrics posted below. That's just a beautiful song and yes, I have abandonment issues sometimes. Find it and listen to it if you've never heard it.

Also, cute girls wearing baseball caps are even more cute. There is no room for debate on this.

Lastly, my music obsession hasn't cooled down at all. I bought tickets for two more shows, with plans for another one when they go on sale. I also bought more cds. Built to Spill, Dismemberment Plan and Interpol are some of my new favorite bands. Good stuff, I say.

This is cute...random, but cute.

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Just don't leave...

"Just don't leave, don't leave

I'm not living
I'm just killing time
Your tiny hands
Your crazy kiss and smile

Just lonely, lonely...
Just lonely, lonely..."
-- Radiohead, True Love Waits

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Check Yourself...

Well, I was going to go into work. However, the hurricane hasn't even hit the District yet, and the hot water is out for my apartment building.

I smell like a bar, after going to a very fun Bates' Alumni event last night, and my hair has that whole finger-in-light-socket look to it. So, my boss, in all her wisdom, advised me to just stay home.

As long as I don't lose power, I'll have a fun filled day...


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Here I Am...

Rock You Like a Hurricane...err or something like that.

The mucky-mucks at my place of employment have deemed Hurricane Isabel to be no big deal. So I'm going into work this morning, even though the Feds and Metro system will be shut down.

Grr, I say. Grr. Here's to hoping I don't get swept up and dropped into Oz. If I do though, I'm hanging with the Lollipop Guild and that'll be the life for me.

Heh. I shouldn't post here first thing in the morning.

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Sore shoulder? Check. Scraped up elbow? Check. Scraped left knee and shin? Check. Scraped right knee? Check. Hyper-extended and strained left knee? Check. Constant mild pain? Check.

Yes, folks, I play softball.

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Fish and Chip Flavored Cheese

You might think that headline is just me being funny, but no I'm totally serious. The British supermarket chain, Tesco, is about to start selling Tandoori flavored cheese with fish and chip flavored cheese as a possible follow up.

It isn't that odd of a notion, I suppose, however, I have no real conception as to what fish and chip flavoring would taste like. When I try to imagine that flavor, I feel a little sick to my stomach, and this is coming from someone who lived on Funyuns in college.

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Social Butterfly

Starting last Friday, I went out every evening last week and plan to go out again tomorrow night (which is actually later today). I haven't been drinking alcohol every night, but I have been with one or more people each night for various social activities (no, not the activities you're thinking of, you perv!). For someone who was once such a recluse, this amazes me. It's nice though. Between my friends and my co-workers, I know some really great people in this city. All this social activity just might, possibly, restore my faith in humanity. We'll have to wait and see.

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Inspirational Quotes Part 1

I'm reading a book by Dave Eggers called You Shall Know Our Velocity! Will, the main character, often has fictional conversations in his head as a means of expressing his thoughts. At one point in the book, he is in Marrakesh and has been reading a biography on Winston Churchill. He has an interesting conversation with Churchill in his head. It goes as follows.

-- Mr. Churchill you were given a mission.
-- Yes.
-- I want to have been given your mission. I want your place in world events, the centrality of it. You were born in the cradle of a catapult!
-- You are wrong. I found my mission.
-- I disagree.
-- If you must.
-- Tell me: where is my mission? Where are my bunkers and trenches, my goddamn Gallipoli?

The last question is exactly what I'm asking. It's exactly what I need to find. I just thought I'd share.

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Where is My Mind

The Pixies are going to go on tour again! If you have never bothered to listen to this band, please do. They have influenced so many bands over the years (Nirvana for one), that they really are required listening for fans of rock music. I will see them play, oh yes, I will.

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