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Amanda Effin Palmer

Monday night, I had the pleasure of seeing Amanda Palmer, well known lead singer of the Dresden Dolls, perform a solo show at the Paradise in Boston. To sum my review up quickly, I'd say the show was fun. I had fun. Amanda seemed to genuinely have fun. Everyone in the crowd looked to be having fun. And the fun lasted from the opening acts through the final confetti fluttering notes of "Leeds United."

Part of that was just due to the enthusiasm Amanda had to be back in Boston. She and the other performers played a longer set, including a lot of different songs than what she had played during the rest of the tour, which everyone seemed to eat up. I didn't hear the buzz of conversation during a song like "Ampersand," which is rare at any show at a small club. And everyone was bowled over by the energy she poured out in "Runs in the Family" and "Bad Habit" (still my all time favorite Dolls song).

It was pretty over the top and theatrical, which people might have lost patience with in other towns. But the whole atmosphere felt like a big gathering of all the kids from the high school drama clubs of the last 20 years, and in that sort of environment, all the theatrics felt completely appropriate. The Danger Ensemble and the "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" theme created pure theater. The Boston Globe thought, simply, that it was all a bit much. Everyone can have their own opinion, even if not many people at the Paradise would have shared it.

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