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More from 2008: Bon Iver and Pale Young Gentlemen

More music from 2008 that recently caught my ear.

The first band, you'll recognize from yesterday's clip with Lykke Li. It's Bon Iver, a band I am just starting to explore, but that I'm already really excited about. This live performance of "Skinny Love" stands out as exceptional. The emotion that pours from Justin Vernon's throat is palpable. It's a simple, powerful song that should be listened to in the dark, with headphones on, and with lots of wine.

The thing that I really love about that video is the looks on people's faces. They look happy. They look like they feel the music in their guts. Maybe it's because of the weed, but I like to think that it's because they got to experience something special that night, in that little room, with those musicians and they knew it.

Now for something a little more upbeat, you should check out this next track by Pale Young Gentlemen, a band hailing from good, old Madison, WI. Their album came out a little late to make it onto anyone's "best of" list, and I'm not sure that the whole album is consistent enough to be on a "best of" list (it's still growing on me), but this track is fun! A friend of mine recently requested "music recommendations that are heavy on the strings yet still have drumming in them."

Well, look no further. This tune rocks and it's the cello that makes it so.

Pale Young Gentlemen -- "Crook of My Good Arm"


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