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More from 2008: Santogold and Animal Collective

Our journey through my recent musical discoveries takes us further into 2008's bounty. Granted, I may have been living under a rock for the past year, but I still think this is some good shtuff.

First, we have Santogold; a successful songwriter, producer, and singer who released her first solo album this year. I've had a chance to listen to it, and I'm understanding why it's shown up on so many "best of" lists. It's pop music with a great edge to it. Her most notable track, although not necessarily my favorite, "L.E.S Artistes" is a great example of this. She sounds like a robotic cousin of Karen O as she bemoans the vapid lower east side hanger-ons. The whole album is a collection of solid, approximately 3 and a half minute songs with great pop hooks.

Santogold -- "L.E.S. Artistes"

She's no frilly pop diva. I dig it.

Next up is a band that is nowhere near new, but one that finally produced something that I REALLY like. Animal Collective has been around for years, but I've never heard an example of anything that could be defined as very accessible. I like plenty of "difficult" music, but I just didn't get them. Then, they released the Water Curses EP. The title track is an electronic, underwater, bubbling jaunt. It's the closest thing to a pop song that I've heard from them and it's fantastic.

Animal Collective -- "Water Curses"

I need to dig deeper into their discography now. The song is like a gateway drug, leading to harder stuff. I'm a step closer to becoming a junkie. Good times...

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