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Women with Ukuleles

We're almost at the end of another year, so of course it's time for me to update my web site again. Of course, after false starts again and again and again, I doubt anyone ever comes by here anymore. Well, so be it. I'll post anyway, in case some is hoping to find a web site talking about women with ukuleles.

10 years ago, I would have never thought very many people, outside Hawaii, would have much interest in making music with ukuleles. But lo and behold, there are a plethora of people making fun little music videos all over youtube sporting that funny little instrument. Here are three of my favorite ladies who flex their golden pipes to the sweet sounds of the ukulele:

First up, Danielle Ate the Sandwich. She's funny, cute, a good song writer, and most importantly, an incredible singer. I encourage you to check out all of her videos.

Next is Liz Wood: College student, sporadic youtube poster, and cracking good singer.

And last we have Julia Nunes. She's opened for Ben Folds, and probably has the most notoriety of the ukulele women I've mentioned (She won her current ukulele in the Busman World Ukulele Video Contest).


Posted by Mr. Eff on 10/29/2009 || link

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