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Memory Dump -- 09.11

I was doing so well. I was acting like this was just some other day (which it is), but then something happened. Something triggered my memory and now my mind broods over what happened two years ago. So while I brood, I'm going to dump. I will not celebrate this day. I will not mourn the tragedy. I will remember though, and the following is what I remember.

-- The weather was perfect, with clear, blue skies, low humidity and bright, dazzling sunshine. It was a day to play hooky, to call in sick (or as my boss likes to say, "call in slick"). This day, two years later, is almost exactly like that one. What does it mean? It means that the weather in D.C. during September is really nice. You should come visit.

-- After the towers fell and it was clearly a tragedy that would be remembered, my co-worker and I both had the same thought. We dreaded what the entertainment community would produce in remembrance. It was inappropriate, black humor, but I know it came from a desire not to break down and cry.

-- My dad called me multiple times to make sure I was alright. He does that just about every day. That day, however, I could hear the stress in his voice. I could hear the concern. I could tell that he just wanted me to flee the city as fast as I possibly run until I was safe.

-- With the threat of more violence, we all figured that the streets would be awash in chaos. No such chaos erupted. In fact, although traffic was bad, people were amazingly orderly. When I left work around 2:00 or 3:00 and journeyed home, the city was almost sedate.

-- Laura and I walked to Subway around 1:00, I think. We went there mostly because we knew it was open. I don't remember how we knew, but we did. A lot of people went to Subway that day, those that hadn't tried to flee the city yet. There were MP's blocking off the perimeter to the White House by that point. It was a bit chilling to see soldiers with machine guns in the streets of D.C.

-- Work was impossible. Everyone was either glued to the television or constantly refreshing news sites looking for more information (not just that day but for the next week as well). All of the news sites were pretty much worthless for most of the day, but Slashdot was invaluable.

-- Every possible scenario for my death or my escape ran through my head. Before that day, I had never realized how close my building actually is to the White House or to the Federal Building across the street. I wondered whether I had the will to survive. Even during my death wish years, my survival instinct was incredibly strong. I wondered if I had grown soft. My guess now is that I have.

-- I was scared. Very, very scared.

That is all my brain will give up for now. I may revise/add to this later.

Posted by Mr. Eff on 09/11/2003

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