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What to Do?

(Experimental: Do not read into this.)

It happens the same way every time. The breakup. Sometimes harsh like a car crash, sometimes slow like a bloodletting; both result in the same outcome. Each participant plays a role, one the asshole, the other the victim. Sooner or later, both are assholes/victims for one reason or least if the original feelings of love were strong enough. Neither side can help hurting the other, both needing to lash out when the pain becomes too great, leaving each side with new scars, new baggage and a new aversion to dating.

For one, the terminator of the relationship in this case, there is a short period of transition. If one was in love with the dispatched other, there will be a time of sadness and melancholy that is unavoidable. It just happens. However, eventually, that sadness is replaced with a bubbling excitement. The whole world radiates different hues than before. People who were never interesting become fun to be with. Women who were never a dating possibility then become fascinating to look at and talk to.

Welcome to single life! Why would anyone want to date someone else seriously? Single life is way more fun than the alternative. One can go out whenever without regard for a significant other. One can sleep as late as one wants, eat whatever unhealthy food one wants, watch whatever bizarre movies that are around, flirt with whoever catches one's eye and masturbate like there is no tomorrow.

It's a good life. It's a carefree, lazy day looking at the clouds sort of life. After a while, one might even get used to the lack of physical closeness with another person. No hugs, no kisses, no massages, no lovemaking...just a celibate solitary existence. But one has other interests to keep one occupied. One does not need those physical interactions. Sure, they would be nice, but there is more to life.

It just takes one person, one experience, one sentence, one word, to crush that attitude like Magic Shell. One word will remind one of everything that is missing from that solitary life. One will then start to crave a compassionate ear, a welcoming smile, a closeness, an affectionate touch, a warm body...

Basically, one gets horny. One gets lonely. There is no support on those melancholy nights. There is no partner for playful Sunday mornings.

There's the rub.

There's what drags one, kicking and screaming, back out into the dating world. The world where there is only pain, heartbreak, and abandonment. The dating world is only a short stay of execution before one is once again exiled into boring, dreary single life again.

Cynical, yes?

Posted by Mr. Eff on 12/15/2003

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Book: Deep Blues, by Robert Palmer

CD: Brothers, by The Black Keys

Song: "Oh My God," by Ida Maria

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