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Just An Idea

So, we were walking down State St. toward the shore, while the sun was creeping its way down. The breeze, which had been strong, had finally died down, making idyllic conditions for a stroll.

We passed the antique shop that was full of every useless knicknack or broken piece of outdated electronics that one could ever want. We passed the high end furniture store that we had seen in every other high end shopping center on our trip. We passed the "vintage" clothing store that sold clothes that were not vintage at all...just over priced. Finally, we passed the "Adult" supplies store on the corner.

I said, "Ooh! Let's go in there."

"What do you need in there?"

"We could get an inflatable doll or something."

"Why would you need an inflatable doll?"

There was a hint of amusement in her voice. Or was that annoyance? Either way, I just looked at her, smiled and said, "menage-a-trois."

After a pause, she simply said, "You're so weird."

She's right, although I thought that was pretty funny.

Posted by Mr. Eff on 03/11/2006

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Book: Deep Blues, by Robert Palmer

CD: Brothers, by The Black Keys

Song: "Oh My God," by Ida Maria

Link: Shut Up & Sit Down

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