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Spare Tires Are Fashionable!

So said an aging Johnny Rotten in the middle of an hour long set of Sex Pistols tunes at the 9:30 club on a beautiful Sunday evening in Babylon by the Potomac. It's not quite a rallying cry for a new generation of punks, but seems apt for those that remember punk's heyday. As my 52 year old friend and co-worker put it while surveying the crowd, "It's like a college renuion!"

On display were a lot of aging punks who had come out to feel young again and pogo with their peeps. Surprisingly, the Sex Pistols have aged fairly well, and have learned to play their instuments a bit better than they did in 1978 which was obvious as they churned through all of the songs on Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols.

Unfortunately, it seems that playing for more than an hour tuckers the Grandaddies of punk out as they played little else. The 40 dollar tickets got the crowd of punks both young and old a performance that can only be described as canned along with it's brevity. It was fairly obvious that these blokes were out to get a pay check, and could have cared less about the music, the crowd or any feelings of nostalgia their fans might have entertained. Wankers.

Ok, enough of me trying to be a rock critic. I'll try that again some other time. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed with the Sex Pistols. The music was great, Johnny Rotten still sounds really good, and the 9:30 club is a great place to see any band. For 40 dollars, though, to only play for an hour and to not even have an opening band is a travesty of the worst sort. It was the great rock 'n roll swindle all over again.

Overall, I'm happy I went because it really was a trip to see all the punks flying their freak flags high. There were some impressive mohawks and punk rock girls are definitely cute, not to mention it's nice to jump up and down with complete strangers. But grrr! 40 dollars! Grr! I'm going to have to see some bands over the next couple of months that still give a shit about what they are doing and I bet none of them will charge 40 dollars for the experience. Anyone want to join me?

Posted by Mr. Eff on 08/25/2003

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