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The Swiss Have a Sense of Humor

So, I'm back from Switzerland. I'm still going through the various photos from the trip, but I've already identified one that is worth sharing.

There are a lot of old structures throughout the cities and towns of Switzerland (and I photographed a good number of them). In the northern town of Schaffhausen, there is a tower, built in 1370, called the Schwabentor. In 1933, to caution people to watch out for the dangerous new horseless carriages, the people of Schaffhausen added an engraving to a gate in the tower. The engraving reads, Lappi tue d'Augen uf, which roughly translates to "Knuckleheads should keep their eyes open."

That sign is desperately needed in Harvard Square.

Take a look.

Posted by Mr. Eff on 10/28/2007 || link

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