Say Cheese


I'm still listening to The National. Yeah, my mood hasn't changed much.

I wrote this to a friend and I think it captures what being a Red Sox fan is like these days:

"On one level, I understand that I have no reason to gripe. The Red Sox have won two World Series this decade. They've made the playoffs consistently this decade. They made an improbable comeback even to make it past game 5. Losing that game 7 wasn't like the game 7 in 2003. That was a much different level of hurt.

"I think mostly I'm just feeling the aftereffects of all that adrenaline. Last night, my heart was pounding from the 6th inning on. I guess it just stinks that the party had to end. I'm just left with the hangover this morning."

There's no hair of the dog for this hangover.

Posted by Mr. Eff on 10/20/2008 || link

For the moment...

Book: Deep Blues, by Robert Palmer

CD: Brothers, by The Black Keys

Song: "Oh My God," by Ida Maria

Link: Shut Up & Sit Down

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