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Mtv did something right

It's been a long time since Mtv was good for anything. They started well. They even made it into the early 90's on solid footing. But then they stopped playing music videos...and that was a big mistake.

But they've taken a lot of the music videos they showed, and some that I'm pretty sure they never showed, and have put them online. The video quality is pretty good, too. There's plenty that I remember (sometimes that's not a good thing). And there is some stuff that I wish I appreciated back then.

There are some omissions; most notably they only include the short version of Metallica's video for "One." That short version should never have existed in the first place. Regardless of their latter day sins, that was a great song and video.

Go in! Explore! Remember why you loved music as a kid, and if you've lost that joy, keep exploring until you find it again.

Posted by Mr. Eff on 10/28/2008 || link

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