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I like these guys

A couple of guys, one from MIT and the other from Harvard, are preparing to race in a mountain bike stage race next year. They don't yet know which crazy race they are going to enter, but they started a blog to chart their preparations. They are just getting started, but they wrote one thing so far that really stuck with me:

"Bike racing isn't about having a deathwish, or an ego, or needing an excuse to spend $5-10k on something shiny to impress your friends, it's about feeling alive--alive with real pain, real fear, the ecstatic joy of success and the devastation of defeat. It's about learning to appreciate the coffee shop and the hot cider because they're the polar opposite of everything you experience in racing. It's about having your life be more than a flatline of comfortable homogeneity that you trace from office to couch to restaurant until you get married, you have kids, you get old and you die. We race because we love life, and life is best experienced at its limits."

Well said.

Posted by Mr. Eff on 11/03/2008 || link

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